Welcome to Veterans Information Service

What We Do

Veterans Information Service publishes an annual book and a monthly supplemental bulletin service. These unparalleled publications provide veterans and their families a single source of timely, easily accessible benefits information, including public record, pending legislation, bills, laws and policies of the various US government Veterans Administration organizations and their subsidiaries.

All topics pertaining to veterans are covered in this handy reference manual – covering a range of topics from home loans, the GI Bill, Health and Life Insurance, VA contact information, filing claims, lists of regional VA services, to burial benefits and everything in between.

We are an independent, information-only organization providing a service to veterans and their advocates who seek a concise, ad-free information source of timely benefits and assistance programs entitled to them.

Our Business History

Since 1936, Veterans Information Service has been a helpful source of comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date benefits information.