Who We Are

Founded in 1936, Veterans Information Service is located in East Moline, IL. Our founder returned from WWI and was surprised at how uninformed he and his war buddies were upon returning to civilian life. He created a notebook which grew into a field guide, which in turn led to monthly updates, annual revisions, and is now the leading publication which is shipped internationally to veterans, service officers, libraries, universities, and businesses who seek a concise, easily accessible resource on veteran benefits.

Our Services

Veterans Information Service provides top-notch publications which are unmatched in the industry. Our 76-year old company has consistently provided veteran benefit publication services to our nation's heroes and their families as benefits and life situations continually change. Our services have reliably helped put veterans' benefits where they belong for generations.

Our Commitment

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Veterans Information Service has established a business relationship with our customers that lasts a lifetime! We are proud to be the best tool for all who advocate on behalf of veterans everywhere.